Social jobs & Dogs in need

Businesses are a means to do good for the society they live in. In everything they do. It is about making fair products through fair jobs thanks to fair relationships with both customers and suppliers.

At FreshFrozen for Pets, we are convinced of this, and it is ingrained in every fiber of our organisation. Anyone, inside or outside our company, who sees deviations in this, may call us to account, regardless of the relationship with our company, so that together we can achieve a better society. We try to propagate this by communicating transparently at all times via all media (our packaging, our flyers, our digital channels, etc.) but also by opening our factory to visits by anyone who asks, with good intentions.

As part of our corporate philosophy, there are two initiatives that are close to our hearts: creating social jobs and helping animals in need.

social jobs

In our packaging department, we work together with a local company that provides jobs to people with a slight handicap. We are convinced that by offering these social jobs, we create a win-win situation.

For the employees, it means providing a pleasant working environment to those who would otherwise have difficulty finding a place in the labor market. For us, it means having a highly motivated staff that comes at a slightly lower cost. #socialjobs

Helping animals
in need

Our products are produced in small batches. The last products at the end of a batch rarely fill a full box. We put these aside and donate them every month to local shelters that work day-in and day-out to help dogs in need.

Amongst others, we work together with A Grey’s Home, an association that puts its heart and soul into rehoming Irish Greyhounds in Belgium, and DogAngels Rescue, a group of volunteers who are committed to rehoming Great Danes.  The gratitude of the dogs and their carers is priceless and we are delighted to support such local initiatives. #supportlocaldogsinneed