Our brands

Which FreshFrozen day is it today?

Some owners choose to offer their dog or cat the same food every day. And as long as the food is complete and your pet is happy with it, that is fine. But some owners like to vary anyway, either within a certain brand or across brands. Whatever the case, at FreshFrozen for Pets we have something for everyone. Below is a brief overview of our three main brands.


  • Complete food for your dog, as if you were cooking yourself.
  • 60% muscle meat, lightly pre-cooked potatoes or rice, and delicious, locally sourced blanched vegetables and fruit.
  • Nutritious oils and our proprietary mix of vitamins and minerals make it complete.
  • Easy portions of 25g

  • Complete food for your dog.
  • 70-85% meat (half muscle, half organs) like the prey of the dog’s ancestor: the wolf.
  • Supplemented with locally sourced fruit and vegetables, nutritious oils and our proprietary mix of minerals and vitamins to make it complete.
  • Handy portions of 50g.

  • Complementary food for your dog.
  • Complete it in a simple, nutritionally sound way with our simulator.
  • Or use it as a healthy snack for your dog.